Homestead Life

People need Practical & Sustainable Alternatives for Living Naturally in Todays World. We appreciate bringing great minds together and transforming new ideas into solid workable and solutions for your business.

Web Design

We focus on creativity & simple functionality that will complement your business.  We custom build your website to your specification for maximumum return on your investment.

We give you design that’s easy to navigate – which is easier to retain customers – and a well made, secure website that is responsive across all devices.


Visualize an informative step-by-step process that will surprise you with an insightful focus for your business’s marketing.

We’ll do the research, install a Facebook Pixel and Google + Pixel on your website, and engineer articles, blogs, videos, rich with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content. 


Photography Services including Headshot Photography, Website, Small Wedding, Action Clips, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Yoga, Dance, Sports, Family, Boudoir and many, many others types of Photography.


Feel safe knowing that you have the best possible option for Secure WordPress Hosting, with a free “HTTPS” website.  Make a website in Minutes, or let us build you one.  We have various price plans and options to suit every need.  Automatic WordPress auto-updates, lightning fast speed, expertise and an oncall support team for your every need.

Basic Marketing Plans and Pricing

We aim to provide the very best service available on a moment-by-moment basis, which is why we are flexible on our project scaling. Every situation is customizable because people don’t always want rigid options, they want convenience and results.

That’s why we devised a very simple program that helps people formulate a plan of action that can be implemented quickly.

What People Have Said 

“I met Brian via cross-country phone calls while he was working for Yoga Journal magazine. I found him to be authentic, energetic and professional. A natural educator. Great to work with and helped me navigate the best means of reaching the audience I needed via Yoga Journal. He not only took an active interest in what I was looking to achieve, but he looked for ways to connect with me on a personal level. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.” Tracey Koepke

Healthcare Communications & Science Writing, Duke School of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery

“Interacting with Brian Castellani is always a pleasure… the question/answer process was informative, laid back, and easy.

I appreciated his interesting questions which helped me think of “fresh” ways to give him answers… his unique vision and great design sense helped to really enhance the details… telling us what we want or need to know, rather than what we expect to hear!”

Ana Brett

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Kundalini Yoga Center, Videos, DVDs, Raviana Productions

“Brian works with genuine concern for the well-being and happiness of others. He is thoughtful and resourceful, looking for the best way to make things work for all parties. He looks for a win-win solution.” Alison West

Director , Yoga Union & Yoga Backcare and Scoliosis Center

“Brian is inventive, consistent, and deeply dedicated in his field.” Nancy Varsallone

Fitness Expert, Cookercise LLC

“Brian is a pleasure to work with. He is full of creative ideas and guidance that is so helpful to my career as a yoga teacher. I really appreciate what Brian has to offer.” Hema Behl

Yoga Teacher, Bollywood Instructor, Workshop Facilitator, Global Studios, Hemalayaa

“Attentive and responsive, Brian is an outrageous connector of people and ideas. High recommendation!” Elena Brower

Author, Yoga Teacher for Element Yoga for Beginners DVDs and Element Prenatal and Postnatel Yoga, Co- Owner of Vira Yoga, Sounds True, Starz Entertainment, Vira Yoga Studio

“Brian is an expert and thought-leader in his field. I respect his work and refer people to him regularly – always with positive feedback.” Nancy Hulme

Freelance Presentation Designer, Graphic Designer

“Brian was incredibly helpful with helping make my company website. He had a wonderful vision for what I was working towards and provided insight and expertise throughout the entire process! I will definitely work with him more in the future!” Tarah Asvaraksh

Self employed Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Tarah's Health Coaching

“Brian is a creative and supportive individual who is not afraid to think outside the box and reach out across borders. He offers his expertise in yoga, marketing, business strategy with great passion and motivates the international yoga community to get involved and have their voices heard.”

“Yogis and yoga businesses worldwide are indebted to Brian for his revolutionary ideas, brilliance, and expertise in keeping the face of yoga real and accessible to millions of people around the world.”

Evening Lategano

Holistic Yoga Therapist, Yoga Retreat Director, Entrepreneur, Suncokret Body and Soul Retreat

“I started working with Brian in the 90’s through Yoga Journal Magazine. I am continually inspired and impressed with his work ethic, professionalism, and determination.” Wendy Green

Owner , Casa Verde ~ Raw / Yoga / Jungle Yoga Retreats / Holistic Yoga Retreats

“Brian Castellani provided successful feedback, advising me on how to create my website… Brian’s craft is communicating your word. Extraordinary results come from your participation…

I’d recommend Brian for any projects that require building digital footprints, online communities, and video marketing.”

Melissa Chaney

Author, Health & Wellness Professional, Business Operations Manager , Univera Inc.

“I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with him, and receive his valuable support and counsel.” Will Edmonson

Somatic Consultant / Wellness Venue Producer, Ultimate Prosperity

“Brian… has very laid back approach which all of my employees seemed to really like when it came to him shooting video’s. I think he shot and edited about 15 you tube video’s for my company. He is very knowledgeable with not only just shooting video’s and editing but with all aspects of Social Media. I highly recommend Brian to work on your Social Media needs as well as his videoing and editing.” Patrick O'Brien

Owner, Live Fit Gym & Wellness Club

“Brian is a hard-working, diligent guy! I recommend him in sales and customer relationships.” Jennifer (Bridges) Buergermeister

Director, Founder, Yoga Teacher , Executive Healthcare Wellness Director, Founder of Breathe the Cure,® Jennyoga, Texas Yoga Assoc/Conf, Adjunct Professor

“He works harder than anyone I know to improve our lives and our opportunities as yoga teachers and practitioners. I celebrate Brian and offer him my gratitude for all he does.” Carol (Avant) Stall

Small Business Owner, Namaste' USA Yoga