We offer subscription and non-subscription based freelancing.  We are on call, affordable, and willing to work anytime you need web editing, artfully crafted content, or original photography – we are here to help.


1/3 of American Business uses the Freelance Workforce in some capacity.


Amount of time spent on social media platforms that's on mobile phones.


Most online marketers say that 'data' is a business's most underutilized asset.


Businesses that report using "Data Based Analytics" dramatically increases productivity.

Enhance Your Business with Data Based Results and Creativity

Digital Strategy

We analyze, engineer and implement a custom strategy for your success. We’ll help you choose a package that best fits your needs.

Web Design

Not only do we create stunning websites that visually respresent you but are also seemless and functional.


We maximize your online ranking and track your content that leads to your site using the best platforms in the business.

Creative Marketing

Offering fully-integrated SEO and Internet marketing solutions to meet the demands of the modern digital ecosystem and to take your growth to new heights.

Social Media

Tap into the power of savvy social media content, customer service, and social sales to strengthen customer relationships and inspire engagement.


Whatever your needs, when it comes to photography for small business, we’ve got you covered. Headshots, product imaging, onsite photoshoots for locations, etc…

Content Writing

Providing custom content creation in the form of blog posts, authority articles, link bait, press releases and optimized web content including tag lines, landing pages, service descriptions and more…

Graphic Design

Everything from custom design for Websites as well as advertising, brochures, layout, business cards and printing needs. We will deliver your finished product as soon as possible.


Need a logo, color schemes, original photography, vector images, brand guide for press, videos? We will guide you through the artist process of turning your vision into reality.

Natural Focused Marketing

Driving Innovation, empowering you to make great decisions, collaborating with other remarkable people… our goal has always been to bridge the gap between a daily practice of mindful focus and the modern world.


Expect to gain an acute awareness about your competitive advantage.  With a National average of 36% of small business shoppers  finding information online, Yoganomics® prepares you for the next steps. We give you the tools, the data and reports that will help you market your business for years to follow.  


With Data Driven Marketing, and Accessibility, businesses will be able to see a snapshot of how their business is performing in specific markets. Yoganomics® gives you the tools you need to make informed decisions, the data and reports that will lay the foundation.


We can help Amplify of your business through a clear website and online marketing which is directly ties to positive results that you will recognize as Return on Investment. You can expect to see the results as we provide you with up to date data and reporting as well as social media audience building and reputation management.

Basic Plans and Pricing

Homestead Life™ aims to provide the very best service available on a moment-by-moment basis, which is why we are flexible on our project scaling. Every situation is customizable because people don’t always want rigid options, they want convenience and results.

That’s why we devised a very simple program that helps people formulate a plan of action that can be implemented quickly.

 Freelancing available case by case, or subscription basis.