Feel safe knowing that you have the best possible option for Secure WordPress Hosting, with a free “HTTPS” website.  Make a website in Minutes, or let us build you one.  We have various price plans and options to suit every need.  Automatic WordPress auto-updates, lightning fast speed, expertise and an oncall support team for your every need.

Web Design

We focus on creativity & simple functionality that will complement your business.  We custom build your website to your specification for maximumum return on your investment.

We give you design that’s easy to navigate – which is easier to retain customers – and a well made, secure website that is responsive across all devices.


Visualize an informative step-by-step process that will surprise you with an insightful focus for your business’s marketing.

We’ll do the research, install a Facebook Pixel and Google + Pixel on your website, and engineer articles, blogs, videos, rich with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content. 


Photography Services including Headshot Photography, Farming Photography, Short Biography Clips, Social Media Friendly Clips Original Website Shots, Onsite Location Action Clips, Workspace Culture, Conferences, Live Classes, Yoga, Dance, Sports, Culinary, Studio Work, Family, Weddings, Special Occasions, Sequential Timelines, and many others types of Photography.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just host my website with you?

Yes, absolutely. It will be Prepaid for two years at an affordable rate.

If you want to add services later, we can easily update services. 

Do I have to host my website with you?
No, it’s not absolutely necessary.  People have us edit their current website-content all the time. However, if you want to add services later, we can easily update services to suit your needs.
How much is a website?
The cost of the website really depends on what you need.  We will give you a detailed proposal and we can tailor services as needed to meet your budget.    
Can I see how many visitors go to my website?

Absolutely, we can teach you how to see daily visitors, weekly visitors, monthly visitors, and even yearly visitors.  Upon request, we can give you a detailed report on where the majority of your visitors are being referred from, and where you may need to focus your marketing.  

Can I upgrade at anytime?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up.
How long has Homestead Life™ been building websites?

Technically, we officially began building websites for other people in 2010.  When I first started the business on November 4th, 2009, Brian Castellani built Yoganomics various different websites. 

Can I get my own email with my website?

Yes, and you can do this through your web server control panel, or we can set it up for you.  We will guide you on how to set it up on your phone.  Depending on if you choose to route your email through Google or not, you may have to pay a monthly fee. 

Would my website be optimized?

WordPress websites are engineered for transparent visibility and have some of the best tools for optimizing a personal or business website.

Essentially Yoganomics® optimizes everyone’s website if they are hosting a website with us, however, there are added tools that we use for Premium Users that give specific insight into your industry and your business. Search Engine Optimization and Optimizing an Online Presence is one of the most important things a business can do for themselves. We never “just” install your WordPress website and simply get it working.  We know how to help your site’s visibility with search engines, we know the importance of writing specific content for your website.

When people ask about “website visibility,” they really are asking if “their website will appear when specific search terms are searched for in the ‘organic’ results of Google.”  Organic results refer to how your website naturally appears on the page, rather than in the paid-for sections.  It is completely possible to do, but it’s also contingent upon whether or not other “outside” and complementary factors are completed.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

In a perfect world, good Search Engine Optimization allows user’s traffic to find your website through an organic search result process.

That specifically means that a search engine, such as Google, would recognize the well-written articles on your “Search Engine Optimized” website are adding to your overall user experience, and you would get reader traction from its well-written content.

In order to do this, you would ideally use researched keywords and keyword phrases that are specifically chosen to clarify your business qualifications and experience, which is also referred to as industry knowledge.

Most people want to use one of the specific keyword phrases in the permalink address and in the title of the page (also known as the ‘keyword tag’).

If you use the internet, you understand that it’s important to summarize your content succinctly with a specific meta description from within the body of the SEO crafted content of the very specific blog post. Google scans your entire page, instead of simply using keywords.  

Back in the olden days, companies paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to engineer fake Search Engine Optimization results… this process is often thought of as an accepted corporate tactic, but it isn’t acceptable, it only signify’s people’s inability to know right from wrong.  (That process is referred to as ‘BLACK HAT SEO’)

What is Search Engine Marketing?
Essentially, Search Engine Marketing promotes your business or personal website to targeted traffic through paid advertising.   Usually, paid advertising is done through “search engines,” such as Google (through Google Adwords), Google Express, Bing, and other Pay-Per-Click campaigns. In these ads campaigns, keywords, keywords phrases, along with specific options for delivery of those keywords, and you “theoretically” should be able to optimize your business’s chances of visibility, as opposed to your competition.
Does Homestead Life™ Write Content for my website, or do I?

Yes, we can write content as a service, but we also encourage customers to also participate. When

Homestead Life™ is contracted to, we analyze each customer’s specific need and situation. We figure out the best plan of action to engineer and implement a custom marketing strategy based on the specific elements of your business.  This is part of the content marketing process that leads to success.

Content marketing targets your customers through a result orientated process that refers to getting your website to “rank” higher in the “Search Engine Results Pages”, because of your “on-page Search Engine Optimization.”

One of the best ways to increase traffic and keep people on your website is through creating useful and engaging content through the blog on your website.

Some people also give away free content so that people will use it and remember you.  By “adding value” to people as well as the internet you will in-turn increase your SEO ranking.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

Yoganomics® works with a people and businesses across the spectrum.  We work with restaurants, artists, food trucks, local store owners, essential oil operators, raw pet food co-ops, dieticians, farmers markets, larger corporations, not-for-profits, health food stores, online stores, and the list goes on and on. We’ve helped businesses improve their customer service, take pictures of their products, edit the website content, attract new customers and invigorate their existing customers. Functionality requests range from basic to advanced.  take the necessary time to get to know your business, your industry, and your organization.  We also get to know your competitors as well.

We take the necessary time to get to know your business, your industry, and your organization.  We also get to know your competitors as well.

We have built relationships with some of the finest minds in their industries, and we grow right along with the businesses we serve.  We teach them the skills they require to move forward, no matter if it’s photography, marketing their products, or attracting customers.

If we buy a domain with Homestead Life™, do we own the rights to the domain?

If you buy a domain with Homestead Life™, you own the rights to the domain.  

You can switch the domain at any time.  Everything website, every marketing material, every logo we create for you is owned exclusively by you, 100%.

Hosting with Homestead Life™

Updated July 2017:

There is a fairly significant difference between a “good” hosting company and a “bad” hosting company. Good hosting is immediate, you get help when something is wrong with your site.  Theoretically, Hosting should be a transparent process from provider to consumer, right?  The truth of the matter is that “bad” hosting is out there, and their phone prompts are designed to lose you.  Bad hosting will placate you until you renew for the next year, or until you start asking the right questions.

The main reason Homestead Life™ began hosting websites was due to our first hosting experience, which was not a good experience.  Just because the customer service makes you feel secure and calms your concerns – that doesn’t mean they are fixing anything.

Now that we have the best hosting available at a very reasonable price, we know what to do and – most importantly, we know how to communicate website issues as a provider to the consumer.  We also understand what you need as a consumer.  It is just as important to us that you are secure with your website as you continue to succeed.

We don’t screw people over, and we don’t withhold information from you.  You own your domain, you own your content, but it’s our name Homestead Life™, that is at stake.  If we don’t provide an excellent service, then we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

How does Google grade websites?

People might have issues with Google™ being king because it might seem like they promote “authority” to web pages, and give them top ranking when it doesn’t seem like they deserve it.  There’s a lot of backend work going on behind the scenes, which people can find frustrating if they are unfamiliar with the process.

It is a complicated and a simplistic process… but there is a lot of work that goes into making it simple for us to use…  As website owners, we create pages that might become “authority pages,” which involves writing content people find useful – because the “useful content” is being read and socially shared on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or other news feeds… because it is specific to the topics stated on the page and over time Google picks up on those authority signals.

These are some “general attributes” that all “high ranking websites” have to have in order to be eligible:

General guidelines  of “high ranking websites” is that they all have:

  1. Strong performance (Homestead Life™ is fast)
  2. Mobile Optimization  (All Homestead Life™ websites are  mobile optimized)
  3. Search engine optimization (SEO)  (Homestead Life™ Search Engine Optimizes all their websites)
  4. SSL security enabled  (All Homestead Life™ hosted websites are automatically SSL security enabled)
  5. Specific, well-written content with relevant links and adequate citations. (Homestead Life™ writes excellent content)

If  You Have More Questions Questions Reach Out!